Zhao Lusi’s Boyfriend 2023: Is She Currently Dating Anyone

Zhao Lusi’s Boyfriend 2023

The web drama “The Rumoured Chen Qianqian” is still airing, and the actress Zhao Lusi, who plays the main character, has gained a lot of fans due to her amazing acting skills.

Zhao Lusi is a beautiful and gentle person, almost like a sister. Fans and viewers of the show are now worried about the actress’s love life. Continue reading to learn more about Zhao Lusi’s dating life.

Zhao Lusi’s Boyfriend

It is not clear if Zhao Lusi has a boyfriend because she has not made any public announcement about it. The Chinese actress may have been in relationships before or after she began her acting career.

According to Kfanhub, there are rumors circulating on the internet about who her boyfriends might be. Their names are Liu Yitong, Li Hongyi, and Ding Yuxi.

Most people on the internet believe that Li Hongyi was the one who successfully won the affection of Zhao Lusi, also known as Rosy Zhaolover.

They both worked on the TV dramas “Prodigy Healer” and “Love’s Better Than Immortality,” where they played a beautiful couple.

During filming, they had many personal conversations. When we saw them at supper, they appeared to be having a great time. Once, Zhao Lusi expressed her doubts about Li Hongyi’s romantic interest in her on Weibo.

Many people began to doubt the safety of their Internet connections. Both of them chose not to say anything in response to the rumors.

According to Zhao Lusi’s supporters, the actress and her fans were trying to promote their new drama. They deny the claim. Before becoming famous, Zhao Lusi, also known as Rosy Zhao, was in a relationship with someone.

Lujuba reported that on May 28, some internet users shared a potentially private photo of Zhao Lusi and her partner, which led to a lot of discussion.

Based on online reports, the boy mentioned is a photographer and used to be in a romantic relationship with Zhao Lusi. They met while studying at Taiwan’s Ming Dao University.

In the shot, both Zhao Lusi and the boy are wearing matching striped clothing. They are sulking at each other while they hug in private. They are having a passionate conversation between the two of them. Zhao Lusi has a lovely smile and is also very cute.

Online audiences have also shown interest in the physical characteristics of the boy. The child in the picture has a light skin tone, single eyelids, and small eyes. Other than that, there is nothing particularly noticeable about him.

Some people on the Internet have made comments about his laugh, saying it sounds bumpy or greasy. They have criticized Zhao Lusi, questioning her value.

Zhao Lusi is currently at the start of her career. Right now, it’s not a good idea for her to be in a serious relationship.

Who is Zhao Lusi?

Zhao Lusi, a Chinese actress, singer, and model, is widely recognized by her stage name, Rosy Zhao. She was born in Taiwan. She became well-known for her roles in movies such as Love Better Than Immortality, Oh My Emperor, The Romance of Tiger and Rose, and Dating in the Kitchen.

She finished her bachelor’s degree at a private school in her local area and then moved to Mingdao University in Taiwan to pursue her doctoral studies.

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