Ng Kok Song: From Humble Beginnings to a $10 Million Net Worth – Singapore’s Investment Guru

Ng Kok Song Net worth
NameNg Kok Song
Chinese Name黄国松 (Huáng Guósōng)
Date of Birth11-02-1948
ProfessionInvestment Manager
Current PositionCo-founder and Executive Chairman of Avanda Investment Management
Previous Roles– Group Chief Investment Officer at Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, GIC
– Held positions at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Ministry of Finance (MOF)
Career Duration42 years
AchievementsCompleted a distinguished career in the investment of Singapore’s foreign reserves
Ng Kok Song Wiki

Ng Kok Song Early Life

Ng was born in Singapore and was the second of 11 children. His father worked as a fish auctioneer and his mother was a housewife. He was raised in a simple attap house with a thatched roof and a mud floor.

The house had two bedrooms and was located in Kangkar, which is near present-day Sengkang and close to the Serangoon River. Ng helped his father sort fish at the local market and took care of the family’s chickens to help support his family.

Ng was baptized into the Catholic Church at the age of seven. He then became an altar boy at the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Hougang, Singapore.

He spent 12 years studying at Montfort School, which later became Montfort Junior School and Montfort Secondary School. During this time, he also took care of his younger siblings.

Ng later received a scholarship to study engineering in Canada. However, he couldn’t continue with his studies because his family didn’t have enough money.

Instead, he received a scholarship from the Public Service Commission to study physics at the University of Singapore (now called the National University of Singapore). He graduated in 1970 with a Bachelor of Science degree with honors.

Ng completed his Master of Science in Business Administration and Management from Stanford University in 1980.

Ng Kok Song Net Worth

According to dreshare, Ng Kok Song has an estimated net worth of approximately $10 million. He is highly respected in the financial community for his contributions to Singapore’s investments.

Ng Kok Song Personal Life

Ng got married to his first wife, Patricia Chee, in 1972. They had known each other since they were schoolmates at Montfort School. The couple had three kids. In 2003, Chee was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Sadly, he passed away in 2005.

Since 2020, Ng has been engaged to Sybil Lau, a Singaporean who was born in Canada and is 30 years younger than him. Ng’s mother passed away in 2021.

Ng is a Christian who follows the Catholic denomination. They are very enthusiastic about Christian meditation and its advantages. They learned about it from Laurence Freeman, a Benedictine monk. In the late 2000s, he taught Lee Kuan Yew, the founding prime minister of Singapore, how to meditate.

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Ng Kok Song’s amazing story shows his journey from a modest background to becoming a highly successful investment manager in Singapore. His story is filled with determination, resilience, and impressive accomplishments.

He is worth around $10 million and has made significant contributions to Singapore’s financial scene, which have had a long-lasting effect. In both his personal and professional life, he shows how hard work and dedication can make a big difference.


What is Ng Kok Song’s current position in the financial industry?

Ng Kok Song is the Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Avanda Investment Management.

How long has Ng Kok Song been active in his career?

Ng Kok Song has had a distinguished career spanning 42 years in the investment of Singapore’s foreign reserves.

What is Ng Kok Song’s estimated net worth?

As of current estimates, Ng Kok Song’s net worth is approximately $10 million, reflecting his successful contributions to Singapore’s investments.

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