Megan Leavey Husband, Age, Parents and Biography

Megan Leavey Husband

Megan Leavey, a marine, is well-known among everyone in the US army because of her courageous dog Rex. Internet users are curious to learn more about Megan’s family and her husband. Where is she right now?Megan Leavey used to be a Marine in the United States.

Now, she is no longer just an ordinary woman. She has a film about her life story, which shows how she and her dog were meant to be together.

Megan’s dog, Rex, was very stubborn and didn’t want to go with anyone until he trusted Megan. The entire story of her journey is shown in a movie called Rex. She first met Rex at Camp Pendleton in October 2004.

Megan Leavey Husband

Megan Leavey is married to her husband, who is a bit mysterious. Both members of the couple have chosen to keep their personal lives private, away from the attention of the media and the public.

The couple is also blessed to have children, and Megan is currently 22 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. She may share details about her personal life in the near future, but she wants to keep it confidential until that time.

Megan Leavey Age

The current age of Megan Leavey, a woman, is 39 years old. She was born in 1983 on the 28th of October and celebrates her birthday on that date. She was born in the Valley Cottage region of New York City, where she also lives.

Megan Leavey Biography

Megan Leavey secretly joined the Marine Corps without telling her parents. She didn’t want them to find out that she had joined the corps. She joined the Marine Corps in August 2003.

Her mother discovered a Marine Corps pamphlet in her room, which revealed her enlistment. Even though, both of her parents were supportive of their daughter’s decisions.

She became a member of a Marine K-9 Unit and was deployed to Iraq. Megan and Rex were sent to Fallujah, Iraq in May 2005.

Megan retired from the Marine Corps on December 7, 2007. Rex passed away in early 2013 from a heart attack. It was a sad event. She is enjoying her new job as a veterinary technician and is happily married with a baby girl on the way.

Megan Leavey Parents

Megan Leavey’s family has a strong military background. Every man and woman in her family has served their country.

Megan had two grandfathers who served in the military. One was in the Air Force and the other was in the Navy. Her uncle Jimmy served as an Army Green Beret during the Vietnam War.

Her parents are also very proud of their daughter. Her mother is a regular working woman, and her father is a member of the Teamsters union. Both parents were equally supportive of their daughter’s decision to join the army.

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