Laura Clery’s Divorce: Why Did She Break Up with Stephen Hilton?

Laura Clery's Divorce

Laura Clery and Stephen Hilton are getting a divorce. People are curious about the reasons behind their decision to end their marriage after being together for a long time.

According to distractify There is news that Laura Clery and Stephen Hilton are getting divorced. Fans are now trying to find out more about what happened to the couple. Laura and Stephen have been married for ten years. They are famous, partly because they often work together on social media projects.

Now that we know they are breaking up, many people want to understand why they are getting divorced and if there were any signs of trouble in their relationship.

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Stephen Hilton and Laura Clery Break Up

Laura, who initially denied any separation, has recently started a podcast series called “Idiot” where she discusses the problems in her marriage.

Laura mentioned that Stephen had declined to make certain important changes to his lifestyle. These changes involved reducing his drug use, which was negatively affecting their mental health and the overall well-being of their two children, whom they are raising together.

Their relationship was already getting worse, and Stephen’s drug use only made things even worse, which eventually led to the end of their marriage.

In her videos, Laura dropped hints about the tension between her and Stephen. It seemed like she treated him more like a business partner, with clear boundaries. This dynamic seemed to foreshadow their eventual divorce.

Laura and Stephen’s Discussion About Breakup in a YouTube Video

The user watched a YouTube video that was also shared as a podcast episode on the Idiot feed. During the 45-minute discussion, they discuss their divorce.

At the beginning, they talk about their political disagreements and how Stephen’s recent content has leaned towards conservative viewpoints.

In general, Laura clarifies that she is not his mother and is not accountable for whatever he posts, regardless of how she personally feels.

Laura explains during their conversation that she and her co-parent are also friends. She mentions that she has chosen not to watch his content because she prefers not to know his political views.

She emphasizes that she wants to maintain their current dynamic. Stephen’s content is controversial because it has a strong right-wing perspective and includes harsh opinions about the Biden family and trans people.

However, during the interview, Stephen mentioned that this content was not the main cause of their separation.

The two people in the video have clearly become distant from each other, and they show this by talking about times when they didn’t spend time together even though they had the opportunity to do so.

It is evident that both Stephen and Laura have spent time apart and have now come back to their relationship with a shared sense of respect.


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