Jay Lycurgo Gay: Is He Dating Someone?

Is Jay Lycurgo Gay?

Is Jay Lycurgo gay? Jay Lycurgo is an English actor who primarily works in theater. He is famous for playing a gang member in The Batman (2022), Nathan Byrne in The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself on Netflix (2022), and Tim Drake in Titans (2021–2033).

The actor’s portrayal of Nathan in “The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself” and Tim Drake in “Titans” has led to speculation about his sexuality. Many people believe he is gay in real life too.

Is Jay Lycurgo gay in real life? Do these stories have any truth to them, or are they completely false? Let’s save time and read the story to discover the truth about Golfer’s sexual orientation.

Is Jay Lycurgo Really Gay?

No, jay lycurgo is not gay. Because of the characters he portrays on screen, Jay Lycurgo, a gifted actor best known for his roles as Nathan in “The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself” and Tim Drake in “Titans,” is occasionally assumed to be gay. It’s crucial to keep in mind that his depiction of these individuals does not reflect his actual sexual inclinations.

Jay recently spoke with Gay Times about his role in “The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself,” and he remarked, “It’s wonderful.

When reading a screenplay, an actress can hope she could be cast in it because of how much she enjoys the story. Jay is upfront about his profession, but he hasn’t discussed his feelings toward sexuality.

Is Jay Lycurgo Dating?

According to POPBUZZ, Jay Lycurgo doesn’t appear to be dating anyone right now. Jay Lycurgo’s social media accounts and other internet resources were carefully examined at the time of the inquiry. There was no indication that he had a significant other at the time.

This indicates that he is now single and concentrating on his work. However, it’s crucial to understand that when it comes to their intimate connections, celebrities frequently maintain a certain level of anonymity. It’s crucial that this not be overlooked.

Jay is probably seeing someone behind everyone’s back, but he has made the decision to keep it a secret. We must respect his privacy and allow him the opportunity to disclose this information when he feels it is safe to do so since we like and support him.

Jay Lycurgo Early Life

The youngest of four kids, Lycurgo grew raised in Croydon. He hails from Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone, and the UK. David Johnson, his father, was a former professional football player. Some of Lycurgo’s acting inspiration came from performances he watched at the Fairfield Halls.

His teacher advised him to enroll in acting school after he was rejected from BRIT. In 2019, he attended ArtsEd and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in acting.

His most well-known roles are Tim Drake in Titans (2021–2033), Nathan Byrne in the Netflix series The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself (2022), and a gang member in The Batman (2022).


Due to his depiction of characters, English actor Jay Lycurgo—best known for his work in The Batman, The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself, and Titans—is frequently accused of being gay.

Lycurgo’s actual sexual inclinations do not align with how he portrays these characters, though.

There is no hint of a significant person in his life despite the fact that he is open about his job and avoids talking about his sexual orientation. Lycurgo has never been in a relationship and is presently concentrating on his job.

Interviews with two rising artists, Jess Alexander and Jay Lycurgo, have shown off their distinct personalities and experiences to the fullest.

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