Are Tan Zong Yang and Shanti Pereira Still Together?

Are Tan Zong Yang and Shanti Pereira Still Together

The public’s interest in the private lives of celebrities is directly related to their public profiles in the media.

Tan Zong Yang is a rising star whose meteoric ascent to fame has piqued the interest of fans and the media alike, many of whom are intrigued about his romantic life.

His popularity has been noticed by both fans and the media. The rising popularity of Tan Zong Yang necessitates an investigation into the actor’s personal life.

While we’re about it, let’s investigate the allegations, the romances, and how his fame has affected his romantic life.

Who is Tan Zong Yang?

Tan Zong Yang, a member of the national sprinting squad for Singapore, was only recently admitted to the bar. Tan ought should be able to study for and participate in his legal examinations without having to give up his sporting hobbies.

After the rest of his team had already left for the Philippines to compete in the 2019 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, he was forced to go ahead and take the final Bar exam paper on his own.

Tan’s last exam was completed, and right after it he jetted off to the Olympics to compete. He managed to finish sixth in the 400-meter race in spite of his extremely busy schedule.

Tan’s accomplishments can be attributed to his tireless effort and his refusal to give up. He claims that he could not have gotten this far without the support of his friends, his family, and the workout club that he belongs to.

Tan has stated that it is necessary to help people who need it, especially in challenging times like the present epidemic. He feels that this is the best way to demonstrate his gratitude for the opportunities and assistance he has had as a national athlete.

Who is Tan Zong Yang Dating?

Tan Zong Yang and Shanti Pereira are a stunning couple that appears to be moving from strength to strength. The year 2021 marked the beginning of their love journey following an astonishing four years of friendship between them.

They revealed a common interest and desire for one another, which prompted them to take their relationship to the next level. This discovery occurred gradually but surely. Knowing that their love has endured the test of time brings a nice feeling to the chest.

Their posts on Instagram about one another have served as a public confession of their affection to one another, revealing to the rest of the world how much happiness and satisfaction they find in one another.

It is undeniable evidence of their undying love for one another as well as the significance they places on the time they spend together. Our best wishes go out to this charming couple, hoping that the years ahead are filled with even more happiness and love.

Are Tan Zong Yang and Shanti Pereira Still Together?

Tan Zong Yang and Shanti Pereira are still considered to be a couple even though their relationship status has not changed. According to reports, in 2021 they took their friendship to the next level and began dating.

Because they have been showcasing each other in their Instagram posts, it is clear that they are still very much a part of one another’s lives and that they maintain an active level of involvement.

And from what Shanti Pereira spoke about them during the interview, it appears like their relationship is going strong even to this day. She highlighted their devotion to each other’s success in training and competition, as well as their shared aims and objectives.

Pereira claims that the team does its best to encourage one another and understand the hardships that each member has, whether those struggles occur at work or in the gym. This is more proof that they are together at the moment and that they have a happy and healthy relationship with one another.

Tan Zong Yang and Shanti Pereira Relationship History

The fact that Tan Zong Yang and Shanti Pereira have been together for so long demonstrates the strong, ever-evolving connection between them. They had been friends for four years before supposedly starting a relationship in 2021.

They’ve been featuring each other in Instagram images, which has helped legitimize their connection with outsiders. The trust and loyalty they have for one another is on full display here.

Both groups have talented athletes like Tan Zong Yang and Shanti Pereira. Pereira, because to her exceptional track performance, has been dubbed “Singapore’s sprint queen” and is the first Singaporean to ever occupy the top spot in the World Athletics women’s 100m outdoor rankings in Asia.


Famous people like Tan Zong Yang have figured out how to navigate the minefield that is balancing fame and privacy in the entertainment world. Despite the fact that a lot of people are curious about who their favorite celebrities are dating, it is essential to maintain the confidentiality of individuals who are involved in the relationships.

Tan Zong Yang is a model of professionalism and the protection of one’s privacy as a result of his dedication to his work and his ability to maintain his distance from followers and media outlets that are curious about him.

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