Ullu Web Series “Betaab Ishq” Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Where to Watch

Ishq Ullu Web Series Betaab Release Date

Friends, thank you very much for visiting our website. In this post, I’ll tell you all there is to know about the release date, plot, cast, and trailer for the web series Betaab Ishq.

On July 14, 2023, let this web series be launched in India. You can watch it in Hindi, and it will feature the first season’s and part’s extremely engaging and entertaining first episode.

Additionally, you will get to witness excellent performers like Bharti Jha, Ridhima Tiwari, Anirudh Singh, and Pawan Sharma. You will like all of these actors’ performing very much, and you can watch it in full HD as well.

Ishq Ullu Web Series “Betaab Ishq” Release Date

Series NameBetaab Ishq
Release DateJuly 14, 2023
CastBharti Jha, Ridhima Tiwari, Anirudh Singh, Pawan Sharma.
Where to WatchUllu
Part 1

The Betaab Ishq web series is set to release on July 14, 2023. It is a Hindi-language series that will be available in India.

The show promises to offer plenty of romance and drama for viewers to enjoy. If you want to watch it online from the comfort of your home, you can easily watch it on the Ullu OTT platform.

Cast Detail

  • Bharti Jha
  • Ridhima Tiwari
  • Anirudh Singh
  • Pawan Sharma

We have provided all the information about the cast of the Betaab Ishq web series. You will find out which actors are in it and their names, along with other details.

Betaab Ishq Ullu Web Series Storyline

The Betaab Ishq Web Series tells the story of a girl who lives at home while her husband is away. They talk on the phone, and she greets him with “hello babu.”

He compliments her, saying she looks hot. The girl refers to him as “uncle jaan” and mentions that he has gone out. Meanwhile, another man sitting at his house tells his daughter that their friend Avinash’s daughter, Sanaya, will be staying with them for a while.

The girl arrives at their house and tells her daughter, Nidhi, that the person with them is her father. Then Sanaya says that the person is Vinod’s uncle and hugs him. After that, everyone goes inside the house and enters a room.

I was sitting with Sanaya when she said, “Cool, man!” She mentioned that it would be okay if I called her Vinod. One day, Sanaya was lying in her room when her uncle called her daughter Nidhi. Sanaya got up and said, “Good morning, Nidhi has gone to the temple.”

Another day, her uncle came and some lumps fell on her body. He called for Nidhi and asked her to bring a taval. Sanaya brought the taval and started tapping her cheeks. He said it was wrong, but Sanaya argued that if they didn’t like him, it would be wrong, but since he liked them, it was okay.

After that, they started romancing. This story will be shown in a web series that you will enjoy. If you want to know the complete story, you can watch the full episode on July 14, 2023.

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Where to Watch Betaab Ishq Ullu Web Series?


What is the Release Date of Betaab Ishq Ullu Web Series?

July 14, 2023.

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