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Expansion of Presence of Cane & Bamboo Products

Issued on: 
Thursday, April 16, 2020
Last Date: 
Friday, May 1, 2020

The Cane and Bamboo Technology Centre (CBTC) invites EOI from Government registered organizations / agencies / institutions / consultancy firms / centers / companies  who are competent of providing Information & Communication Technology (ICT) based Marketing Intelligence (MI) services to CBTC for the purpose of “Expansion of Presence of Cane & Bamboo Products of North Eastern Region promoted by CBTC in the Regional, National and Global Market for economic purpose and promotion of livelihood” for an initial period of three (3) years, extendable up to five (5) years depending on performance, for the purpose of encouraging and economic upliftment of the artisans, entrepreneurs, farmers, clusters etc associated with CBTC.  The data / information collected from the market and provided to CBTC should adequately assist the management in taking strategic decisions in determining market opportunities, marketing strategies and market development. The focus areas of interest would be cane and bamboo based housing, charcoal, furniture, agarbatti, jewellary, fiber, packaging industry, bamboo shoot & its bi products, Bio Fuel & Bio Energy, green energy, textile, policy support, innovations, products with high potential, hosting of e-portal for assistance of buyers and sellers, promotion of LLE, Local Level Entrepreneurs etc. The CBTC is also open to any kind of new technology interventions, feasible and workable concept / ideas which the organizations / agencies / institutions / consultancy firms / centers / companies may like to come up with for the purpose mentioned above focusing on Cane & Bamboo sector.

The marketing intelligence services provided to CBTC should also be able to achieve the following objectives viz   1. Provide market and customer orientation   2. Identification of new  opportunities 3. Identify new trends in the market and competitors 4. Early warning of competitor’s moves to enable counter measures 5. Minimizing investment risk, to detect threats and early market trends 6. To provide customer interaction and provide intensified customer market view 7. Information for better market selection & positioning and to understand and discover untapped or underserved potential markets 8. To have faster, more efficient and cost effective information as and when required.

Interested parties may send their Letter of Interest along with conceptual proposals attached (not less than 10 pages) with technique, methodology and time of implementation etc (soft copy as well as hard copy) within 15 (fifteen) days to  The CBTC will inform and provide an appropriate date and time to the parties submitting LOI, for giving a Power Point Presentation (PPT) on their proposal at CBTC, Burnihat or an another venue & place as per convenience . The selected parties would be empanelled with CBTC and they will be invited for submission of financial details/proposal. All the correspondence must be addressed to  The Managing Director, Cane and Bamboo Technology Centre (CBTC), 13th Mile, G S Road, Burnihat-793 101, Guwahati (Assam).


NOTE- Time limit of submission of hard copies is not applicable for the time being due to unavoidable circumstances @ n COVID-19. The hard copies may be submitted with proper seal etc at a later date OR  as and when asked for by the CBTC. The EOI may be terminated anytime by the competent authority without assigning any reason thereof.  


Cane and Bamboo Technology Center (CBTC)
13th Mile, G.S. Road
Burnihat 781023


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